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Datasheet Image Part Number Manufacturers Description View
KFF6075B KFF6075B RF Diplexers KFF6075B Tusonix a Subsidiary of CTS Electronic Components FILTER DUPLEXER CERM 837MHZ   Inquiry
DPX315950DT-5006C1 DPX315950DT-5006C1 RF Diplexers DPX315950DT-5006C1 TDK Corporation DIPLEXER 2.4/5GHZ W-LAN 1206 SMD   Inquiry
DPX315950DT-5005B2 DPX315950DT-5005B2 RF Diplexers DPX315950DT-5005B2 TDK Corporation DIPLEXER 2.4/5GHZ W-LAN 1206 SMD   Inquiry
FAR-D5NA-881M50-P1A2-Z FAR-D5NA-881M50-P1A2-Z RF Diplexers FAR-D5NA-881M50-P1A2-Z Taiyo Yuden DUPLEXER SAW 881.5MHZCDMA W-CDMA   Inquiry
FAR-D5NC-881M50-M11A-Z FAR-D5NC-881M50-M11A-Z RF Diplexers FAR-D5NC-881M50-M11A-Z Taiyo Yuden DUPLEXER SAW 881.5MHZCDMA W-CDMA   Inquiry
FAR-D6JH-2G1325-B1YZ-Z FAR-D6JH-2G1325-B1YZ-Z RF Diplexers FAR-D6JH-2G1325-B1YZ-Z Taiyo Yuden DUPLEXER SAW 2.1325GHZ W-CDMA   Inquiry
FAR-D5NC-881M50-M11B-Z FAR-D5NC-881M50-M11B-Z RF Diplexers FAR-D5NC-881M50-M11B-Z Taiyo Yuden DUPLEXER SAW 881.5MHZCDMA W-CDMA   Inquiry
FAR-D5NF-942M50-P1GZ-Z FAR-D5NF-942M50-P1GZ-Z RF Diplexers FAR-D5NF-942M50-P1GZ-Z Taiyo Yuden DUPLEXER SAW 942.5MHZ W-CDMAVIII   Inquiry
D5NE782M0P1D6-Z D5NE782M0P1D6-Z RF Diplexers D5NE782M0P1D6-Z Taiyo Yuden DUPLEXER SAW 782MHZ LTE XIII   Inquiry
D6JG2G132D3GZ-Z D6JG2G132D3GZ-Z RF Diplexers D6JG2G132D3GZ-Z Taiyo Yuden DUPLEXER SAW W-CDMA IV SMD   Inquiry
TFSD10055950-5102A2 TFSD10055950-5102A2 RF Diplexers TFSD10055950-5102A2 TDK Corporation THIN-FILM DIPLEXER 2.4/5GHZ WLAN   Inquiry
TFSD10055950-5001C1 TFSD10055950-5001C1 RF Diplexers TFSD10055950-5001C1 TDK Corporation THIN-FILM DIPLEXER 2.4/5GHZ WLAN   Inquiry
LFD21859MDP1A049 LFD21859MDP1A049 RF Diplexers LFD21859MDP1A049 Murata Electronics North America MULTILAYER LC FILTERS 1920MHZ RF   Inquiry
FI212P245003-T FI212P245003-T RF Diplexers FI212P245003-T Taiyo Yuden FILTER DIPLEXER 2.4/5GHZ W-LAN   Inquiry
FI168P245010-T FI168P245010-T RF Diplexers FI168P245010-T Taiyo Yuden DIPLEXER WLAN 2.4GHZ / 4.9GHZ   Inquiry
DPX204752DT-4028A1 DPX204752DT-4028A1 RF Diplexers DPX204752DT-4028A1 TDK Corporation DIPLEXER 2.4/4.0GHZ WLAN 0805SMD   Inquiry
FAR-D5PE-881M50-P3EZ-Z FAR-D5PE-881M50-P3EZ-Z RF Diplexers FAR-D5PE-881M50-P3EZ-Z Taiyo Yuden DUPLEXER SAW881.5MHZ CDMA/W-CDMA   Inquiry
FI212P0892M5-T FI212P0892M5-T RF Diplexers FI212P0892M5-T Taiyo Yuden DUPLEXER FILTER HI FREQ MULTILAY   Inquiry
FAR-D5PF-911M50-M3J7-Z FAR-D5PF-911M50-M3J7-Z RF Diplexers FAR-D5PF-911M50-M3J7-Z Taiyo Yuden DUPLEXER SAW 911.5MHZ J-CDMA SMD   Inquiry
FAR-D5PF-881M50-M3E9-Z FAR-D5PF-881M50-M3E9-Z RF Diplexers FAR-D5PF-881M50-M3E9-Z Taiyo Yuden DUPLEXER SAW BAND 5/BC0 SMD   Inquiry